Preseason Day 1 - Back to work

The latest news from the team's preseason camp

We've been waiting for weeks, and Day 1 of Year 2 has finally arrived as the players kicked off the preseason camp, this morning at the Marie-Victorin Sports Complex.

New head coach Marco Schällibaum set up drills which helped set the bar early on, putting both the players and keepers to the test with crossing and shooting drills. Schällibaum followed with a intra-squad passing scrimmage, which saw Impact U21 midfielder Zakaria Messoudi offer a solid performance, along with Felipe who was sporting a new... haircut.

Defender Hassoun Camara was the only player missing in action today as his flight to Montreal had been cancelled. He should meet up with the other 30 players for Tuesday's session.

The supporters who made the trip to Marie-Victorin were able to see the high level of physical play, as midfielder Sanna Nyassi was on the wrong end of a dual with Impact U21 forward Mircea Ilcu. Luckily, Nyassi got up and was able to finish the session.

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Despite a few weeks off, the hype was still very much present as journalists interviewed the players and head coach following the practice. The nomination of a new captain was amongst the topics discussed, but Schällibaum later explained that he had no intention on changing captains.

“Obviously, I need time to get to know the personalities on the team, so I have to be wary of confirming certain roles for certain players," explained Schällibaum. "However, I would like to say that I am very happy with the captain we have in place. Davy was a great choice and remains one today.”

The second session will begin on Tuesday at 10:30am and supporters are more than welcome to attend.

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