Nick De Santis - “We are looking for a versatile attacking player”

Players must fit with club's philosophy says sporting director

Sporting director Nick De Santis met the media following Monday's training session at the Marie-Victorin Sports Complex. Once again, De Santis explained that the club must bring in players who fit with the mentaiity.

“It’s not just about getting players from abroad,” he told the media on hand. “The club’s philosophy has been built over 20 years. We have American players, Canadian and Europeans. The important thing is that these players are of a high level and that they correspond to our philosophy.”

Following the trade that sent midfielder Lamar Neagle to Seattle for an international roster spot, the sporting director announced that the team is looking for a versatile player that could play in a number of positions.”

“We are still looking at players that could play an attacking role, but who could also play on the wings,” he said. “He has to be versatile within different attacking schemes, whether in a 4-4-2, a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1. There are still some possibilities for us as the transfer window is open until April 15. We have to see what’s out there and available, all while respecting the salary cap restrictions.”

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De Santis also responded to questions about the possibility of signing a South American Players, following a tweet sent out by president Joey Saputo on Sunday.

“We have always had contacts in the South American market,” he added. “It’s always a possibility. With the team we currently have in place, we are confident that we would have a good start to the season and we could therefore revisit the open market come summer, when the transfer window reopens, if there is a need.”

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