Behind every player: Steven Beauregard

"When I sit at my seat, I get involved."

Steven Beauregard, Section 127

"There's nothing like being at the stadium. I have a sense of belonging with this team because it's from my city and it's important to support my local club."

Behind every player is a supporter.

Every supporter has his own way to help the team. Whether it's chanting for the full 90 minutes or following the same pregame ritual for many years, every gesture counts.

The "Behind every player" series focuses on six Impact supporters who tell us their own story from the stands of Stade Saputo: Alain, Christine, Richard, Steven, Graziano and Vanessa.

Each one of them has a different story, a precise way to see the game and a experience on gameday, but they all share the same love for the Montreal Impact and the 11 men on the pitch.

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