Reserve your spot with the Montreal Impact for the 2015 season by putting your name on our priority list with a $50 deposit per seat. This deposit is only valid for new season ticket sales. If you have season tickets for 2014, your name is automatically included on our renewal or relocation priority list.

Please note that deposits are non-refundable.



  • A $50 deposit per seat is required to be registered on our priority list. This deposit will then be applied to the total cost of your season tickets for the 2015 season, upon selection of your seats.

  • Once your deposit is made, a Montreal Impact representative will contact you to make your seat selections prior to season tickets going on sale to the general public.

  • In order to facilitate the process, it is essential to keep your contact info up to date with our sales team, so they will be able to contact you to make your selection (address, telephone number, email, etc.)

  • If you don’t take advantage of your priority seating prior to the sale to the general public, you may still purchase your season tickets and use your deposit towards the total cost, but the deposit is limited to the 2015 season only.

  • This deposit is valid for the 2015 season only. If you decide not to get seats for 2015, but want to purchase for 2016, you will be required to put another deposit for that season.

  • This deposit is non-refundable.

  • The order of sales for season tickets will go as follows: 1- 2014 season ticket holders; 2- priority list; 3- general public.

  • Each person registered on our priority list will receive an email with pertinent information about the Impact on various subjects, including the availability of the season tickets, special offers, new events and the process by which to pick up your tickets. Please ensure that your email configuration will recognize our domain name: