Player Appearances

In pursuit of encouraging youth development, the Montreal Impact focuses on a solid professional and competitive team supported by the community. The club has opted to support and encourage events that revolve primarily around the quality of life for children by addressing needs in the fields of leisure, health and education. The club has been actively involved in the community and will continue to make public appearances an essential component of our community outreach efforts.

We do our best to respond to all requests, however, it is challenging to coordinate appearances because of our intensive training, travel and match schedule. The club is unable to fulfill many requests due to scheduling conflicts.

If you are interested in having a member of the Impact participate in your event, the following information will explain our guidelines and procedures to assist you with your appearance request.


  • All appearance requests must be submitted online via the appearance form below oLetters, emails and telephone calls will not be accepted
  • All requests must be sent at least 8 weeks prior to the event
  • Requests will receive further consideration if the event occurs within 50km of Stade Saputo
  • Appearances should not begin earlier than 2:00pm on training days, typically from Monday to Friday, and appearances will not be scheduled on game days, the night before a game or off days
  • Appearance requests during the off-season are limited due to the availability of players residing in Montreal
  • Appearances will last no more than 60 minutes
  • Due to the volume of requests, appearances cannot be made at personal events, such as birthday parties, etc.
  • Visits to individual schools are coordinated through our school board partners. For more information regarding our school program, please visit ALL THE WAY WITH THE IMPACT
  • A club employee will accompany the player, coach or staff member and will bring appropriate promotional items, if necessary, and will offer their assistance when appropriate


  • Due to training, travel, club or national games, we will be unable to confirm which player will be present until one day prior to the event
  • The player available might be limited to an injured or reserve player


  • Some events may require an appearance fee
  • Appearances fees are set forth by the MLS Collective Bargaining Agreement and by the club


  • Please complete and submit the online form at least 8 weeks prior to the event. Please do not call, send an email or a letter. Once your request has been reviewed, you will be contacted by a representative from the Montreal Impact regarding the status of your request: declined or accepted. Due to the volume of requests that we receive, please allow 4 weeks for a response by email.
  • Only the Montreal Impact Community Relations Department can book members of the Montreal Impact for public appearances

The Montreal Impact think it’s a great idea to promote an appearance, but please note you will need front office approval for the use of the Montreal Impact name and/or logo on any promotional or marketing material. This policy pertains to all forms of advertising, including print, television and radio.

Failure to abide by this policy will result in legal consequences.

The Montreal Impact wishes all organizations best of luck with their endeavors and thanks them for making a difference in the lives of children and youth.

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