Front Office

Montreal Impact
Stade Saputo
4750 Sherbrooke East Street
Montreal, Québec
H1V 3S8

Phone: 514-328-3668
Fax: 514-328-1287

President, Montreal Impact and Stade Saputo Joey Saputo
Executive Vice-President, Strategic Development and Communications Richard Legendre
Vice-President, International Relations and
Technical Development
Nick De Santis
Chief Revenue Officer André Côté
Chief Marketing Officer Hugues Léger
Chief Financial Officer Sylvie Desrochers
Chief Soccer Officer Pari Arshagouni
Promotions & Events  
Director, Public Relations and Assistant to the President
Executive Director, Montreal Impact Foundation
Véronique Fortin
Coordinator, Public Relations and Project Coordinator,
Montreal Impact Foundation
Stéphanie Maheu
Ticket Sales & Customer Service  
Vice-President, Ticket Sales & Customer Service Steve Smith
Senior Manager, Ticket Sales & Customer Service Roberto Linhares
Group & Hospitality  
Senior Specialist, Group & Hospitality Alexandre Kénol
Group & Hospitality Specialist Mathieu Carrier
Group & Hospitality Specialist Hagop Hatchadourian
Group & Hospitality Specialist Caroline Charpentier
Members Sales & Service  
Senior Consultant, Member Sales & Service Gilles Paquin
Senior Consultant, Member Sales & Service Sébastien Fraser
Coordinator, Retention & Loyalty Jérémie Lavoie
Member Sales & Service Consultant Massimo Bino
Member Sales & Service Consultant Gabriel Lamberti-Liberta
Member Sales & Service Consultant Charles Viret
Member Sales & Service Consultant Adrian Mason
Member Sales & Service Consultant Jonathan Koncsik
Member Sales & Service Consultant Antoine Talbot
Ticket Operations  
Manager, Ticket Operations Mike Misischia
Coordinator, Ticket Operations Antoine Chevalier
Assistant, Ticket Operations Julien Lavoie
Sales & Partnerships  
Director, Partnerships Rino Folino
Senior Manager, Partnerships Maria Jose Benavente
Coordinator, Partnerships Justine Déragon
Coordinator, Partnerships Camille Legendre-Duplessis
Operations - Stade Saputo  
Director, Operations - Stade Saputo Eric Girouard
Assistant Director, Operations - Stade Saputo Dominic Pinard
Manager, Food Services Martin Dorval
Attendant, Stade Saputo Maintenance Carlos Quinonez
Game Day Operations  
Director, Game Day Operations Michael Mabee
Coordinator, Game Day Operations Marco De Stefano
Public announcer Robert Tanguay
Sporting Grounds  
Director, Sporting Grounds Roch Poulin
Manager, Sporting Grounds &
Training Centre Operations
Pierre Robert
Senior Manager, Marketing Geneviève Harbec
Graphic Designer and Creative Manager Julie Daigneault
Coordinator, Marketing Florence Martin
Branding and Merchandising  
Director, Branding & Merchandising Stéfanie Bureau
Manager, Branding & Merchandising Nancy Cholette
Senior Coordinator, Branding & Merchandising Catherine De Sève-Fortier
Communications & Impact Media  
Director, Communications & Digital Patrick Vallée
Manager, Media Relations Eric Forest
Manager, Editorial Olivier Tremblay
Coordinator, Communications FC Montreal & Academy Raphael Larocque-Cyr
Digital Content Manager Eric Bouchard
Editor-Copywriter Olivier Meilleur-Tremblay
Videographer Jordano Aguzzi
Videographer Rogerio Barbosa
Statistics Analyst Camille Baccanale
Finance & Administration  
Chief Accountant Jean-François Carle
Accountant Riaz Subratty
Accountant Lidia Padula
Senior Manager, Payroll & Human Resources Gisèle Desautels
Coordinator, Human Resources Francesca Gosselin
Director, Information Technology  Roger Miron
IT Manager  Marc-André Ciccariello
Assistant to the Executive Vice-President Linda Vendetti
Receptionist Adèle Brodeur
Receptionist Marianne Bourdeau
Soccer Schools  
Director, Soccer Schools Nicolas Gaillard
Coordinator, Soccer Schools Santiago Albarrazin
Technical Coordinator, Soccer Schools O'Neal Maoukola
Technical Assistant, Soccer Schools Mathieu Mahy
Technical Assistant, Soccer Schools Anaël Bastide
Equipment Manager, Soccer Schools Arthur Godefroy